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Eczema is a chronic skin condition marked by red, itch, scaly, and inflamed skin. It is estimated that in the US alone eczema affects 35 million Americans: 1-3% of adults, and 10-20% of children. 

Eczema is not fatal but can severely affect the quality of living for sufferers. There is no known complete cure for Eczema but one can manage it effectively but the right approach of treatment. 

Since Eczema is not considered a fatal disease it receives lesser attention from government health care plans and policies. It’s up to the sufferers to find for themselves the support they look for.

Moreover suffering from eczema also affects the self-confidence and, in some case, become victims of social bullying. 

In this article, we bring you different resources in the digital world where you can seek information share your thoughts and gain some useful knowledge to effectively manage your eczema. These groups are mostly non-profitable and aim to support Eczema sufferers with information and knowledge about living with Eczema and the various available treatments. 


Eczema Website

The below-mentioned websites can be thoroughly followed for various information regarding eczema right from what is eczema, symptoms, treatments to advance research that is been undergoing.

1) American Academy of Dermatology and Association

American Academy of Dermatology

Founded in 1938 the American Academy of Dermatology, is the largest, most influential, and most representative of all dermatologic associations. It is headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois. 

One can find a quality resource about eczema in their dedicated eczema center page containing different sections related to eczema.

2) WebMD 


WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information. They provide credible information, supportive communities, and in-depth reference material about health subjects that matter to you

WebMD expertise lies in: 

  • Health news for the public 
  • Creating and maintaining up-to-date medical reference content databases 
  • Medical imagery, graphics, and animation 
  • Communities 
  • Live web events 
  • User experience 
  • Interactive tools 

One can find details and advances in the field of eczema too in WebMD which is dedicated to the itchy condition.

3)  DermNet NZ  

dermnet nz

Owned by the DermNet New Zealand Trust, DermNet NZ has become a world-renowned resource all about the skin.  It is frequently updated to provide information about the skin via any desktop or mobile web browser.

Supported by New Zealand Dermatologists on behalf of the New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated its mission to make authoritative information about the skin accessible to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

You can visit their atopic dermatitis page to know more about eczema and get the latest updates for the disease 

4) National Eczema Association 

Naturally Monalisa

NEA provides people with eczema the information they need to best manage their condition, while fast-tracking research towards better treatments and a cure. 

With a mission to improve the health and quality of life for individuals with eczema through Information, research, support, recommendations, and education. 


Eczema Blogs

when blogs began back in the early 1990s, It was more like to maintain a personal diary or to jot down personal stiffs that were easily shared with others in the emerging world of the internet. But later people found to be a good mode of communication where you can convey your information to the mass at a time.

Bloggers write blogs on selective niche and eczema is one of them within the skincare domain. Many bloggers share their personal experience with eczema either who themselves have it or their loved one like kids suffering from eczema.

Another category is people who are experts in this field and provide advice to the eczema sufferers in terms of diet, eczema care products, and care routine activities. 

Below we are presenting some top eczema blog sites for you to look at.

1) Eczema Conquerors

Eczema Conquerors

Another eczema site by a successful nutritionist who herself transformed from severe eczema to living a normal life. Abby is a holistic nutritionist who came up with her own mantras to clear eczema. 

She not only shares her experience about eczema and how she overcome it but also the products she used and gives a group coaching for people suffering from eczema.

2) Battle Eczema 

Battle Eczema

Suffering from Eczema since her birth the owner of this blogsite Sou has undergone every possible condition that any eczema sufferers might have come across. Finally, when she came to the conclusion best course of action in fighting this skin condition is figuring your own way of maintaining Eczema.

In her blogs, she shares her experience on how to maintain eczema and live a better life with eczema

3) I have Eczema 

I Have Eczema

Jenny, an eczema sufferer has created this blog. The main intention being to help create awareness about severe eczema, explain the people, the pain that an eczema sufferer goes through on a daily basis, and to hopefully give solace to the people suffering from these severe conditions. Eczema can be debilitating and is recognized as a chronic illness.

4) Eczema Life
Eczema Life

Professionally a nutritionist Karen, founded eczema life AustraliaBeing a mom of an eczema baby triggered Karen to design an eczema diet with all her expertise in Nutritional biochemistry which leads to the foundation of this eczema life. 

Eczema Life was created to help people with skin rashes including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, and TSW/red skin syndrome.

5) Itchy Little world

Itchy Little World

Started by an eczema mom of two Jennifer, Itchy Little World features natural remedies for eczema and related disorders. The mompreneur shares information based on her family’s experience in battling eczema and related conditions using an integrative approach.

The blog site also features eczema related news and stories from guest bloggers and industry professionals so that the readers have current updates about eczema.

6) Itchin since 87
Itchin Since 87

Ashley, the quite creative in how she portrays her eczema journeyyou might have come to know the way she named her website. Ashley in her blogs gives a clear picture of things she experienced, the reality of living a life with eczema and formulae’s that worked for her.

The blog highlights the author’s skin condition atopic dermatitis (eczema) with a motto to relate to the experience of the people suffering from eczema so that they do not feel alone in this journey fighting with eczema. 

7) Beczema 


Named one of the top eczema blogs in 2018 Rebecca is the founder of Beczema. Rebecca shares her personal experience of a life of living with eczema as information on this website. 

She believes that eczema is inextricably linked to the way one feels. Feeling stressed and low can bring on a flare-up and a flare-up can make a person feel stressed and low. She is well versed with this experience of unbroken bad mood = bad skin and vice versa cycle which she addresses in her blogs.

8) Eczema Holistic Healing

Eczema Holistic Healing

Jen the eczema warrior created this site in order to share her experience of holistic healing from eczema. She does so by and her blog revolves around, withdrawing from topical steroids, and adopting a healthy lifestyle and a plant-based diet

Jen’s hope for this website is to share great information and spread the word to those in need of a new health model to take control of their lives.  She is on a mission to bring awareness to topical steroid addiction.

9) Eczema Blues
Eczema Blues

Eczema Blues started as a blog by Mei aka Marcie Mom, with the mission to turn eczema blues to bliss. It is inspired by Marcie who had eczema from two weeks old and discovering how difficult it was to find helpful information for parents, Marcie Mom set out to build a practical yet light-hearted blog that would be a parent’s companion

10) My Eczema Skincare Blogs
My eczema skin care Blog

Suffering from Eczema’s whole life, Selina started this blog which is all about her experiences with eczema: the good, the bad, and the ugly. 
She shares her emotional ups and downs, skins ups and downs, and all which is related to her eczema. The aim is to manage eczema without steroids and to share it with those out there trying to fight this. This is a blog about a REAL eczema sufferer.

Further, you can find a list of eczema blogs in Feedspot’s Top 20 Eczema Blogs, which is by far the most comprehensive list of eczema blogs on the internet. 

YouTube channels

Eczema youtube channels

One of the most popular ways to seek information in the current digital world is youtube videos. Irrespective of topics it one of the most popular video streaming sites and apps that serves ease to both people who want to share their content and for the people who seek it. 

Unlike other sources due to the video, people are more engaged to it, and information shared via it is more reachable. Let us check out some of the popular youtube channels that you want to subscribe to know about eczema.  

1) Beauty of Eczema

The Healthy skin show

Camille Knowles the owner of the channel is a qualified Health Coach and Natural Chef. She is also the proud founder of The Beauty of Eczema. Camille is on a mission to share her wisdom and guide others in living a fulfilled life beyond eczema.

Channel Link: 

2) Eczema Healing
Eczema Holistic Healing

The channel owner Greg is a skin health coach giving advice on the basis of his experience with eczema in his life. In his program, the complete guide to healing eczema, the former sufferer of chronic eczema walks with you on the path to complete health, from your bones right to your outer epidermis. 

Channel Link: 

3) Naturally MonaLisa

Naturally Monalisa

The Channel owner MonaLisa addresses the people with eczema with her experiences and products which found helpful for curing and managing eczema symptoms

The channel focusses on two things 
1) Using natural non-toxic products to treat and prevent eczema flare-ups.
2) Sharing my experience being biracial, and my goal of learning Mandarin, Spanish, and a 5th language over the next 10-12 years.

Channel Link:  

4) National Eczema Association 
Naturally Monalisa

NEA improves the health and quality of life for individuals with eczema through research, support, and education. The channel contains videos addressing different subjects of eczema as well as opinion on it from different field experts

Channel Link: 


Podcasts are easy to absorb as you just have to plug in the episode you want to listen and you can do it along with other work like driving or cooking etc. It is an episodic series which a user can download to a personal device for easy listening or listen by streaming it on the internet. Podcasts which is specifically addressing health are addressed by field experts sharing tips and advice that required to take care of the health condition. Listed below are the few most popular Podcasts addressing eczema.

1) The Eczema Podcast 

Itchin Since 87

Founded by Abby, the Eczema Podcast is a podcast dedicated to sharing natural eczema remedies and tools to encourage healing. It is focused on and to help strengthen your mindset.

Expert practitioners including skin experts, nutritionists, dermatologists, behavioral specialists, and much more are invited in the podcast to share their deep knowledge and benefit the listeners

2) The Healthy Skin Show

The Healthy Show Podcast


The Clinical nutritionist, skin rash expert, and eczema warrior Jennifer Fugo explores alternative ways to look at your frustrating skin conditions.

Each episode tackles a wide range of chronic skin rash issues including (but not limited to) eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, vitiligo, and seborrheic dermatitis.

with more than 150 episodes you can listen to it from the link below 

Facebook Groups

Eczema Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a place to communicate about shared interests with like-minded people. The best part is that when a group is private only the member can view the postSo, it is comfortable for people to share their experiences or images which are otherwise uncomfortable to share in common space. In the group, all people may have a common problem so you may gain and share your personal experiences that may benefit you and others. The following are some of the top eczema groups where you can join share your experiences and gain information from other posts.

1) Eczema Support Group (My Eczema)

Created on Jan 2017 with more than 40k+ members, this 3-year-old group is one of the most popular eczema group on Facebook where members post their queries to get answers and share their experiences. It is a private group you can join the group by sending a request to Join 

2) Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema 

An Atopic Dermatitis group to discuss topics only related to eczema was created in March 2012 has 6200+ members. It is a quite alive and interactive group to share and gain experiences. 

3Eczema Triggers, Cures, Diets and Natural Remedies Research Group 

The group revolves around discovering eczema triggers and the possible cure to curb eczema and its related symptoms.  Created on March 2010 the group is intended to talk about probiotics, rotation-elimination diet, paleo diet, ketogenic diet, fecal microbiota transplant, vitamins, minerals, unrefined sea salt, water cure, salt cure, etc. Again it’s a Private group with 3k + members.

4Baby and Childhood Eczema Support Group

It is a support group for parents and caregivers of babies, toddlers, and young children with eczema. It can be a frustrating minefield trying to find information and this group is a safe place to share tips and ideas regarding diet, skin and laundry products, associated allergies, mainstream or natural treatments, etc.  

The key to things to understand that not everything will work for everyone but the group emphasizes sharing, empathizing, and make suggestions so it’s not such a lonely battle. The Group was  created on September 2015 with currently 27.5k members 

5) Dr. Aron Eczema Treatment Discussion Group 

Though this group is an eczema discussion group the discussion is limited to the eczema treatment by Dr. Aron eczema treatment method. With more than 62.5k members the group brings together patients since March 2014, undergoing the Aron Regimen (AR) for the treatment of eczema and those who are interested in becoming a patient.

Reddit groups 

Eczema reddit

Reddit is a vast network of communities that are created, run, and populated by the people that us the users, by creating the communities, one can post, comment, vote, discuss, learn, debate, support, and connect with people who share same interests.

Every community on Reddit is defined by its users. Some of these users help manage the community as moderators. The culture of each community is shaped explicitly, by the community rules enforced by moderators, and implicitly, by the upvotes, downvotes, and discussions of its community members. 

It behaves little differently from Facebook groups like it has an option to downvote a particular post too and it creates the feed and multiple threads within the postYou can find below Reddit groups associated with eczema to share and gain experiences ask queries and give your opinions on other 

1) r/eczema (Our skin is a window to our Type 2 immune system) 

It is the most populated eczema group in Reddit created in May 2010 in the Reddit with 30k members sharing their experiences, opinions asking questions, and giving suggestions to others. 

Joining link:

2) r/EczemaCures (Natural Eczema Remedies) 

This group talks about eczema and focuses on ways to heal it naturally without steroids. You can also talk about organic eczema creams that work best for your issues and why you think they are helping you heal. The group has a strength of 1.7k members which was created in October 2018

Joining link:

3) r/eczeMABs (Monoclonal AntiBody (MAB) therapies for atopic dermatitis) 

The group is specific to the discussion about biologics and monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) for atopic dermatitis. Users can share their experiences if they have used any or pose a question related to the topic to seek any advice. The group has 1.3k members and was created in October 2018 

Joining link: 

4) r/EczemaDiet (eating right for your skin) 

One of the oldest eczema groups in the Reddit created in May 2012 but is less active than other eczema groups. The group has 208 members and is focused on diet-related to eczema 

Joining link: 

Mobile Apps

Eczema App

Managing chronic eczema is like a full-time job, to check severity, track triggers, avoid the itchiness, inflammation, and skin irritation that happens when your symptoms flare-up.  Everyone’s triggers are different, but yours may include allergens, irritants, heat, stress, food intolerances, and dry environmental conditions.

Though it’s tough but not undoable, and in this advanced technology world one may need not to fight this battle against eczema unarmed. There are certain apps that can help you get better control over your eczema symptoms. A handful of helpful ones are listed below.

1) Eczemaless

Eczemaless is a holistic AI-based eczema managing app that helps in managing eczema effectively by strict adherence to the care routine. The app helps to track his / her activities and treatment actions to ensure that the Care-plan which s/he is following is effective. EczemaLess allows the user to find the right correlation between Triggers, Eczema severity, and the care plan. 

Check eczema score merely by clicking an image of the affected area and get insights on how your Eczema, trends, over a period of time, and how various triggers exacerbate the problem and which treatment regimen helps. Compare your current condition with the previous using graphs and check different parameters in the same period. 

Generate a Summary report about how your Eczema has been doing, you can decide to share this with your Dermatologist or Physician who can determine if you are a candidate for Biologics like Dupixent or non-steroidal topical medication like Eucrisa.

Download: App store (IOS)    Google Play (Android) 

2) Eczema tracker
eczema tracker app

The app allows you to snap a photo of flare-ups. so you can see how your condition is progressing, as well as track and analyze a wealth of information relating to your allergies, triggers, and skin. 

Local pollen, weather, mold, and humidity updates can help you to anticipate what’s ahead for your skin. The app also uses your data to find trends that could lead to flare-ups. 

Eczema Tracker is only available for iOS in the Apple Store. 

Download: App Store (IOS)

3) SkyMD

SkyMD app

It’s a telemedicine app that allows you to submit images of your skin to a dermatologist so you can receive treatment (including prescriptions) and skin-care regimens

You can download the app on your phone or access it on your computer for free, but you must pay for a virtual consultation and diagnosis. Payment varies depending on the doctor and your insurance coverage.

Download: App Store (IOS GooglePlay (Android), or SkyMD.

4) iControl Eczema 

I control eczema app

This app is aimed and kids suffering from eczema. The app allows your child to track how they feel each day using emoticons on a happiness scale, describe their skin-care regimen, add notes, snap photos of their skin, and then look at the trends over time. This information can be shown to a doctor. The app also allows kids to set reminders to moisturize.

Download  App Store (IOS)  GooglePlay (Android) 

5)  Cara Care 

Cara Care app

The app focuses on the diet part of the condition. I. Although it is primarily intended for people with gastrointestinal issues, it also allows you to report on the condition of your skin.   

It takes a similar approach to personal food-symptom tracking. You enter the information about your food intake, about what you eat and when, and what problems you are having. The app allows you to then discover patterns in what you eat and the occurrence of your symptoms. 

You can then use that information in consultation with your healthcare provider. This allows you to identify any food triggers that might be causing your eczema to flare similarly it is a helpful tool if you are planning for an elimination diet. 

Download App Store (IOS)  Google Play (Android) 


So that’s all from us wherein we tried to produce before you a holistic article containing important resources related to eczema. We hope that this helps in improving the lives of people with eczema and their caregivers.

If you think that we have missed out on an important resource you are always welcome to recommend us, if we find it really helpful we shall definitely add to the list. You can reach us via email, or social media channels.