AI-Based Solution for

Face Anonymization.

A Technology that provides you anonymization using deep learning models to and cover facial features that you wish not to reveal.

We Understand user experience

Our solution helps you to anonymize the facial features with ease allowing to remove the background that’s not required. Hence no more blurring or putting cross marks on the images simply use our solution anonymize images in few clicks. 

State-of-art-technology features

Extract body parts

Our service can distinguish the human body from the background. Remove the background completely while keeping the object of interest in the image with outstanding accuracy.

Detect face and anonymize

This service will detect faces present in an image and hide facial features e.g. eye, mouth, nose, etc to ensure the person’s anonymity.

Resize output images

You can get the anonymized output image in your preferred shape reducing the need for post processing.

Customized anonymization​

Choose the level of face anonymization as necessary specific to your application. You can set the option for not covering the nose area for exposing more skin area if needed.​

Detect face from images

Our service is robust enough thanks to State of Art Artificial Intelligence that it is able to detect faces present in images even at an unusual angle.

Ideal for Medical Use

The solution guards people’s identity being revealed by background objects. Hence is a ideal solution for General-purpose as well as anonymizing medical images.

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