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Track and avoid Triggers

Understand and track triggers that might be causing your Eczema Flare-up. Track food triggers just by clicking an image of food using AI tool.

Manage eczema Treatment

Whether you are already on a treatment or starting a new one Evaluate which treatments work best for your Eczema Skin Infection & How to cure Eczema effectively.

Get Insights and correlate data

Find correlation between triggers, eczema severity and your care routine by analysing your daily insights.

Compare eczema condition using graphs

Compare your current condition of Eczema Skin Infection with the previous using graphs and check different parameters in the same period.


See what people are saying

This app is one of the best I’ve used for my daughters eczema and gives a lot of good information and help. Due to severity of daughters eczema and frequent appointments with specialists I’m already quite knowledgeable but do feel your app would be extremely helpful to people who don’t have the support I do and I have already recommended to a friend.
Michaela Cunningham
Absolutely love this app! It's great at keeping track of our infant son's triggers and daily routine. The charts and graphs help us to with trying to identify any new triggers. Would recommend it to anyone suffering with eczema.
Elaina Wickman
Finally, a comprehensive app that helps to manage eczema. Although right now it’s at an early stage, I’m already beginning to see the values of it - analysing the possible cause of flare ups, updates of weather conditions that can trigger eczema, finding out the correlation between the certain triggers and flare up cycles. Can’t wait for the future updates.
Great app for tracking eczema severity and reminding patients to take their medication. The best eczema app I have seen.
My doctor recommended me to use this app to track seems helpful so far.
I have not seen before like this app for eczema diagnosis. Very very helpful apps for diagnosis eczema and strong recommendation for use this apps.

How It works

App Features

Eczema Severity Score

Check your eczema severity by clicking and submitting the image of the eczema plaque and get an idea of your eczema condition.

Realt time weather updates

Get real time weather updates including moisture content, air quality and pollen content in your environment.

Food Tracker

Track triggers in your food using the AI tool just by clicking then image of you food and avoid eczema flare-ups.

User friendly Graphs

Get over-all trends of your inputs and actions to get an insight of the things happened to you so that necessary measures can be taken at right time.

Built in Carer routines

Create your own routine or select from default that include the following categories Moisturize, Medicine (Creams), Cleaning /Bathing, Antibiotics and Others.

Maintain Diary

With help of AI Eczema app no more worry in keeping records of your trigger logs, allergies and treatments. Use eczemaless for hassle -free diary record to generate and download report whenever required.

Check your Eczema severity score

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