How Does Eczema Remote Patient Monitoring Works?


Invite Desired Patients

Physician sends Invitation to the desired patient via email and adds to his Dashboard

Phishing Detect

Analyze Patient Condition

Physician does a thorough analysis of patients eczema severity and routine

Smart Scan

Suggest Care Routine

The physician sets up the care activities and triggers for the patient


Patient Monitoring

Physician can monitor the care activities and severity on daily basis within the app

Phishing Detect

Pass on Instructions

Physician gets in touch with patient any time for any instruction without using any personal contact info

Benefits for Physicians

Art of class technology exclusively designed for eczema care
Access patients case history and details in a single click
Hastle free maitanence of records for evaluation and passing Insurance
Remote monitoring gives an edge to manage patients effectively
Gain eczema patients confidence and trust in getting treated

The only complete eczema care platform available in the global market

Get an Overall eczema care

Enroll yourself and your eczema patients

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