Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Eczemaless is a classified as Clinical Decision Support (CDS)  Software per the 21 Century Cures Act and is intended to only provide a recommendation to licensed health care professionals regarding diagnosis of Eczema. It is NOT intended to be used by Patients for self diagnosis or self treatment. Health care professionals should not rely solely on Eczemaless recommendation to make a clinical diagnosis or treatment decision regarding an individual patient.

Welcome to Eczemaless

We’ve drafted these Terms of Service (which we call the “Terms”) so you’ll know the rules that govern our relationship with you. These Terms and condition do indeed form a legally binding contract between you and Eczemaless. So please read them carefully.

By using Eczemaless or any of our other products or services that link to these Terms (we refer to these simply as the “Services”), you agree to the Terms. Of course, if you don’t agree with them, then don’t use the Services.

Eczemaless and all its services are owned and provided by Polyfins Technology Inc (www.polyfins.com)

Not a Medical Advice

Eczemaless is meant to raise awareness about your skin condition, you agree that you will not take the results provided by Eczemaless as a medical advice. Please refer to your primary care doctor or a dermatologist for any medical conditions.


Who Can Use the Services

A person who is atleast 17 years of age or older is allowed to use the Services. We may offer additional Services with additional terms that may require you to be even older to use them. So please read all terms and conditions carefully.

By using the Services, you state that:

  • You can form a binding contract with Polyfins Technology Inc.
  • You will comply with these Terms and all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules, and regulations.


Rights We Grant You

Eczemaless is an app which helps people to diagnose problems with their skin, raise awareness so that they get proper medical attention.

Eczemaless software that we provide you may automatically download and install upgrades, updates, or other new features. You may be able to adjust these automatic downloads through your device’s settings.


Rights You Grant Us

In our Services let you upload your skin problem image and other related details. When you do that, you retain whatever ownership rights in that content you had to begin with. We may use the content to analyze the predictions and further train our algorithms to increase accuracy of the service.

While we’re not required to do so, we may access, review, screen, and delete your content at any time and for any reason, including to provide and develop the Services or if we think your content violates these Terms. You alone, though, remain responsible for the content you create, upload, post, send, or store through the Service.

The Services may contain advertisements. In consideration for Eczemaless letting you access and use the Services, you agree that we, our affiliates, and our third-party partners may place advertising on the Services. Because the Services contain content that you and other users provide us, advertising may sometimes appear near your content.

We always love to hear from our users. But if you volunteer feedback or suggestions, just know that we can use your ideas without compensating you.


Respecting Copyright

We therefore take reasonable steps to expeditiously remove from our Services any infringing material that we become aware of. And if Eczemaless becomes aware that one of its users has repeatedly infringed copyrights, we will take reasonable steps within our power to terminate the user’s account.

If you believe that anything on the Services infringes a copyright that you own or control, please email us at: support@eczemaless.com

We try hard to keep our Services a safe place for all users. By using the Services, you agree that:

  • You will not use the Services for any purpose that is illegal or prohibited in these Terms.
  • You will not use any robot, spider, crawler, or other automated means or interface to access the Services or extract other user’s information.
  • You will not use or develop any third-party applications that interact with the Services or other users’ content or information without our written consent.
  • You will not use the Services in a way that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect, or inhibit other users from fully enjoying the Services, or that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the functioning of the Services.
  • You will not use or attempt to use another user’s account, username, or password without their permission.
  • You will not solicit login credentials from another user.
  • You will not post content that contains or links to pornography, graphic violence, threats, hate speech, or incitements to violence.
  • You will not encourage or promote any activity that violates these Terms.


Your Account

You are responsible for any activity that occurs in your Eczemaless account. So it’s important that you keep your account secure. One way to do that is to select a strong password that you don’t use for any other account.

By using the Services, you agree that, in addition to exercising common sense:

  • You will not create more than one account for yourself.
  • You will not create another account if we have already disabled your account, unless you have our written permission to do so.
  • You will not share your password.
  • You will not log in or attempt to access the Services through unauthorized third-party applications or clients.


Data Charges and Mobile Phones

You are responsible for any mobile charges that you may incur for using our Services, including data charges. If you’re unsure what those charges may be, you should ask your service provider before using the Services.


Modifying the Services and Termination

We’re relentlessly improving our Services and creating new ones all the time. That means we may add or remove features, products, or functionalities, and we may also suspend or stop the Services altogether. We may take any of these actions at any time, and when we do, we may not provide you with any notice beforehand.

Eczemaless may also terminate these Terms with you at any time, for any reason, and without advanced notice. That means that we may stop providing you with any Services, or impose new or additional limits on your ability to use our Services. For example, we may deactivate your account due to prolonged inactivity, and we may reclaim your username at any time for any reason.


Contact Us

Eczemaless welcomes comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions. Please send us feedback by visiting https://eczemaless.com/ or email us at support@eczemaless.com