An Eczema App, Leveraging AI, Personalized for you

Get in control of your eczema using our AI based Eczema App

Why Eczemaless?

Track and manage Triggers

Understand and track triggers that might be causing your Eczema Flare-ups. Track food triggers just by clicking an image of food using AI tool.

Get Insights & relate Eczema severity & Triggers

Find correlation between Triggers, Eczema severity and your Care routine by analyzing your daily insights.

Eczema Severity Score

Check your eczema severity by clicking and submitting the image of the eczema plaque and get an idea of your eczema condition.

Manage Eczema Treatment

Whether you are already on a treatment, or starting a new one. Setup your care routine using our intuitive guide, we will help you in adhering to your Care regimen.

Compare Eczema trend using Graphs

Use our AI tool to track the severity of your Eczema. Keep a detailed log and use the intuitive graphs to understand how to keep your Eczema under control.

Maintain your Eczema Diary

Use Eczemaless for hassle-free diary to record, generate and download your report whenever required.