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Your feedback is crucial to make our app best suited for the people suffering from eczema. We are looking for volunteers to use and provide feedback on our app and as a token of appreciation we shall award you an Amazon gift card upto $75

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Any Eczema sufferer or a caregiver whose loved ones are suffering from eczema can participate in this Eczema app review program. Your feedback shall help to us improve our app and make it best suited for fellow eczema sufferers across the globe.

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Continue to use and explore the various features of our app to manage your eczema by recording images of your eczema, tracking care routines and triggers.

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Participate in the survey to give your valuable feedback to help millions of people suffering from eczema and win gift cards each month for three months.

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Get started by filling up the form to register for the app review program and follow the instructions to be enrolled in this noble cause.